With the mercury soaring, we’re seeing more and more leather shoes that are completely dried out, with excessively creased toe boxes and other physical damage. UV rays and sun damage can crack leather and fade colours. Protecting your shoes from extreme conditions may seem like an arduous task, but we can’t stress enough the importance of good shoe care no matter the weather. If you need a refresher lesson in leather shoe maintenance, check out our Robinson’s Men’s Shoe Care Manual.

Looking for some advice on how to protect shoes from heat, humidity and UV rays? Then read on, here are some tips and tricks to protect your shoes from sun damage and wear.

1. Use a Protective Spray

The first rule to remember here is this: shoe care is ideally preventative, not restorative. You can't just wait for a cloudy day to wear your leather shoes, but the right product will provide your leather protection from aging ultraviolet rays so you can wear your favourite pair even in tropical heat. The Dubarry Footwear Protector is the world’s first water-based fluorochemical spray for footwear, which is a great all rounder for protecting your footwear from the elements to keep them in great shape. Use your chosen protective spray on your leather shoes when you first get them and reapply after cleaning your shoes each time. Ensure your shoes are fully dry before applying the spray.

Dubarry Footwear protector - Sun Damage

2. Store in a safe place

Damage to your shoes doesn’t only happen when they’re on your feet, how you store them plays an important role in preserving the quality of your shoes. Create a dry, cool place that is out of direct sunlight to store them. Give your shoes enough space to be lined up on the floor of your wardrobe or on a shelf with ample space between pairs.

3. Use shoe trees

Shoe trees help to keep your shoe's shape (i.e. reducing creasing) and absorb moisture/odors - which is essential after a long day in hot weather. Remember to buy the size that's most appropriate for your feet. Wooden/cedar shoe trees are our preferred material. Unlike plastic shoe trees, they have the added benefit of keeping your shoes smelling fresh. If your shoes get wet your shoe tree is a saviour, simply insert the shoe tree and some scrunched up newspaper to absorb the moisture leave overnight. In the morning they should be as good as new. Check out our range of shoe trees to find the perfect one for you.

4. Conditioning

Excessive exposure to sunlight and UV Rays will dry-out natural leather. It essential that you keep the material hydrated and the leather supple. Once your shoes are fully cleaned (see our Mens’ Shoe Care Manual). Put a small bead of conditioner on a rag and rub your shoe down with it. Be sure to spread it all over your shoes/boots so that it touches every inch and corner of the leather, including the seams and stitches. We love the Dubarry Footwear Conditioner for its water-based solution, which conditions the leather to keep it supple and crack-free.

Protect Your Leather Shoes from Sun Damage

Follow these 4 steps to protect your leather shoes from sun damage. So they will last you for many more summers to come. If your shoes need some more TLC then check out our specialist range of shoe care products for all your needs.