Are your new shoes not looking as good as they used to? If you’ve been wearing your leather shoes regularly without giving them the care and attention they deserve, we’re not surprised. Leather shoes are an investment in your wardrobe, and it makes sense to protect that investment. Quality leather shoes can’t be treated like a pair of trainers or dress shoes that you wear once in a blue moon – leather is a natural material and needs some looking after in order to keep it looking its best. We think there are 5 items that will keep your shoes looking good for longer – read on to find out what these are.

  1. Shoe polish

Keep your leather shoes protected and gleaming by applying a good quality shoe polish weekly. Shoe polish will help to prolong the life of your leather shoes, by nourishing the leather and preventing it from cracking by helping to keep it supple, and it can also help weatherproof them and keep them watertight. In order to get the best possible result from polishing your shoes, make sure your shoe polish colour matches the colour of your leather shoes – we would recommend that you buy a shoe polish made by the same brand as your shoes. Shop the range now which includes shoe polishes, creams and leather conditioners from your favourite shoe brands.

  1. Shoe tree

When you’re not wearing your shoes, you should store them properly using a traditional shoe tree, as this will help them keep their shape and then you can enjoy comfortable, properly fitting shoes for even longer. Traditional shoe trees are made from cedar, as this wood helps to absorb any moisture which might be present in the shoe and this helps to control any odours present too. Shop our range of shoe tees now – we have everything from simple designs to luxurious styles to look after any pair of shoes or boots you love.

  1. Shoe horn

You should never squish your feet into shoes by wedging your toes in and then trying to force your heel in by working the back of the shoe back and forth – this can damage the leather and destroy the shoe. Instead, use a shoe horn to guide your heel into the shoe effortlessly. It might seem like a simple solution, but trust us – your shoes will last longer for it.

  1. Professional Brushes and Cloths

You can’t look after your shoes properly without the tools at hand, so we would recommend that anyone who buys new leather shoes should also get some good quality brushes and cloths to clean them with. These will make light work of removing any dirt and help to restore the shine of your shoes to their original lustre. Why not consider buying a professional valet kit which will have all the brushes, clothes, creams and polishes you’ll need? It also makes a great gift idea.

  1. Replacement laces

Keep your shoes looking like new by having a spare pair of laces to replace your current ones once they start becoming worn out and frayed looking. This simple trick costs next to nothing, and yet when you have a brand new pair of laces and a well-polished pair of shoes they can look straight out of the box – only you will know how old they really are.