It’s one thing to dress nicely and have a decent wardrobe full of clothes and shoes, but it doesn’t stop there. There are some essential finishing touches that, if you have to hand, will complete your look and be real investment pieces for your wardrobe. There are the top 5 must have wardrobe accessories every man needs: 


If you wear trousers with loops, then you should be wearing belts too. There’s more to belt etiquette than just looping it through your trousers – you have to consider colour (black, brown and tan are the most common colours), styles (leather, buckles, fabric) and whether your belt is for formal or informal use. Formal belts should always match your shoes, and the buckle should be minimal and polished. Informal belts have less rules when it comes to colour and material, but if you’re looking for a general rule of thumb when choosing a belt it should be long enough to under the first belt loop after it’s been buckled.


A good pair of gloves will see you through the winter, and you might be surprised at how hard it is to find a pair of men’s gloves that don’t make you look like a villain in a movie! Our beautiful gloves are made with sheepskin leather, which is very warm due to its natural wool lining – and they look great too!


A watch is a classic accessory to have in your wardrobe, and a great looking watch can really complement a suit. It’s usually one of the first things people notice about you when you meet, so don’t jeopardise first impressions with an inferior timepiece. Your grandfather had one, your father had one and so should you – an accessory like this never goes out of style.


A silk tie will look great with any suit, and is a must have accessory in case of work (in which case you’ll need more than one!), a wedding or any formal function where you’re required to dress up a bit. Leave the likes of a bow tie until you’re absolutely sure you need one and instead choose a classy, understated colour that you can use to add a finishing touch to your look.


We won’t dredge up that old debate of ‘man bags’ again, but instead here we’re referring to a stylish weekend bag, fit for a gentleman, and definitely not a gym bag! You don’t want to mix your lovely clothes with sweaty trainers, plus there’s something very polished looking about toting your gear in a classic leather bag ready to pop in the boot of your car for a weekend getaway. Check out this gorgeous Blakeney brown weekend bag which is just the right size.