Need a bit of style inspiration for the same suit you throw on every day to work? It’s easy to fall into a style rut when it comes to finding a look for work, and for many men they don’t feel confident in trying anything new when paired with a formal suit, but there are easy ways to accessorize your suit whether you prefer to be bold or stay subtle. Read on for 5 easy ways to accessorize your suit and bring your style game to a whole new level.

  1. Pocket square

Don’t dismiss this vital suit accessory as just something to add for weddings and other special occasions – a versatile pocket square can be worn every day for a simple way to make your style look a bit different to everyone else in the office. Keep it muted if you prefer to be subtle with your style, or be outrageous with a bold colour or pattern. Check out this handy guide on how to fold a pocket square to look like a pro.

  1. Cufflinks

Technically, these are for the shirt under the suit, but you should always wear your shirt cuffs so that they are visible under the cuffs of your suit jacket, so they definitely count as a masculine accessory to pair with your suit. Cufflinks are so varied in styles, colours and can even be personalised – so they make great Christmas presents for the man in your life who has everything.

  1. Messenger bag

If you don’t want to bulk out the pockets of your suit with your phone, wallet and keys, then you need a stylish leather messenger bag which can hold all your essentials. We would recommend a tan leather bag if you wear navy suits more frequently, or a black bag if you wear grey or charcoal suits. Try not to overfill your bag so that you don’t ruin the look of your suit, and remember you can get double the use from this bag as you can team it with a blazer for a more relaxed weekend look.

  1. Scarf

This seasonal accessory is a great way to accessorize your suit, and stay warm at the same time. Check out our recent blog post on the number of different ways you can wear your scarf for a versatile look to wear to the office when it’s cold out.

  1. Socks with personality

Socks are another easy way to accessorize your suit – many people think that these are invisible when wearing trousers, but you’ll always see these when you’re sitting down if your suit fits you correctly. Be as bold as you like with these, and for those of you struggling with Christmas present ideas these are always a welcome choice too.