They say everything comes full circle and in the world of fashion it’s certainly true. It’s not long before the flared jeans, the big hair and the grungy leather all make a reappearance, albeit with a bit of a twist on the original design. While this is great news for those of you who have hoarded timeless classics at the back of the wardrobe in the hope that one day you could wear them again, there are some trends that deserve to stay firmly left behind.

Currently, it’s 90s fashion that is getting a revival, and fast forward 25 years (yes, it really has been that long) to find that there are a few gems hidden in amongst the shellsuits. Here’s how to incorporate some of the best bits, and leave others back where they belong (like the aforementioned shellsuits).

Big coats and puffy jackets

Back in the 90s, when it came to jackets it seemed like ‘bigger is better’ was the motto, especially when it came to huge puffa jackets. Today, the puffa jacket has made a return, although it is smaller in size and much more fashion friendly. The modern take on this jacket still retains the iconic quilted look but with natural fibres making it much lighter and warmer without the uncomfortable bulk. It’s also available in some stylish colours and finishes.

Flannel shirts

The black and red tartan shirt was the only choice for any self-respecting grunge/rock wannabe back in the 90s, but thankfully today it has been updated in terms of tailoring to be a much more fitted and streamlined article of clothing to be worn buttoned, instead of tied around your waist. Read our blog on how to wear tartan right if you’d like to try and incorporate this look into your own personal style.

Polo necks

With the onslaught of winter in full swing, many of you stylish gents out there might be breathing a sigh of relief to hear that 90s fashion staple polo necks are back and are now sophisticated again (as well as being warm!) Switch the extra thick ribbed style that was popular in the 90’s however for a thin wool blend – much classier, much more versatile.

Combat boots

If we had to think of one item that was synonymous with 90s footwear it would have to be the iconic Dr. Martens black combat boots. This footwear trend never really went away, it just got more and more refined over the years and thankfully today we’re left with a pretty stunning collection men’s boots, for both casual and formal occasions. A firm favourite here is the Alfred Sargent Hannover boots, which is the style you loved from the 90s, only now it’s all grown up.

And now for a few 90s fashion trends to wave firmly goodbye to – stonewashed jeans for one, backwards baseball caps, wallets on chains and short sleeved shirts that looked 5 sizes too big. If you have any of these lurking in the back of your wardrobe it’s time to clear them out!