Statement footwear is really gaining traction in the men’s footwear market, and there’s no better time to experiment with colour pops than in the spring summer months, when everything is that little bit more laid back. Luckily, Barker have announced their new spring summer 2016 collection – so gents, it’s time to go bold and add more colour to your feet this season with Barker Wolseley.

You’ve heard of the phrase ‘you are what you eat’, but did you know that you are what you wear too? Studies have shown that the colours we wear can actually impact on our moods too, so wearing yellow might make you feel happier and red tones can help you to feel more powerful and confident. The Barker Wolseley derby shoes which are new for SS16 are the most colourful men’s shoes are designed to bring any outfit to life, and with four striking colours to choose from, there’s an option to add a colour pop to any pair of feet.

Let’s start with the Barker Wolseley in daring red Rosso Suede colour. It’s no surprise that red is associated with fiery passion, so this is the perfect colour choice for those hot summer nights! This classic derby shoe has been re-imagined in this bright and cheery tone, and as it’s a lightweight shoe is perfect for the season ahead.

Sticking with the Barker Wolseley, it’s also available in a warm amber suede finish, which is a gorgeous golden shade perfect for the summer days ahead. This colour would be an ideal addition to your summer holiday wardrobe, so we predict it’s going to become a fundamental holiday staple this year. Treat your feet this summer and put your best coloured foot forward.

A confident gent will have no problem stepping out this season wearing the Barker Wolseley in a classic blue suede finish. Taking this classic footwear silhouette and adding a bold pop of colour creates a contemporary edge to the smart casual look that you’ll need to master for the spring summer social scene – from beer gardens to BBQs, these shoes will see you through the best parties of the summer. Blue shoes are the easiest colour to incorporate into your wardrobe if you are a bit hesitant about drawing attention to yourself. We also love these navy suede Barker Avenger shoes, with a thick white contrasting sole to transform this classic brogue style shoe with a summer vibe.

Whatever your style this summer, don’t be afraid to embrace a bit of colour and challenge traditional styles in classic footwear and transform your summer wardrobe from good to great.