Are you tired of being plain? Sticking to the traditional blacks and browns are great for playing it safe, but sometimes the occasion calls for a little bit of fun and personality. At times like these, we turn to colourful men’s dress shoes! You may think that wearing a colourful dress shoe might be tricky, but they are actually much easier to pull off than you might think. Robinson’s Shoes has compiled a guide on how to wear colourful men’s dress shoes. Read, and learn. 

Choosing a daring colour for your footwear is a great way of showing your unique style, and giving your look a creative flair. Colourful accents, textures patterns and contrast soles are becoming increasingly more common in dress shoes as they step off the runway. 

Block-coloured dress shoes

A bright-hue, block-coloured shoe can be bold and eye-catching. An all-over colour works with most dress shoe types, like brogues and Oxfords. Block-coloured shoes in these styles are the most formal of the coloured shoe variety, so these can be worn at almost all formal settings. 

So, how do you wear a block-coloured dress shoe while looking sophisticated? The golden rule is to tone it down with a relatively low-contrast colour. The greater the distinction between the two colours, the more you will notice. However, the contrast doesn’t have to be overly dramatic if you prefer to keep things subtle. The two colours should be in harmonious balance. 

A simple guide to follow for creating harmonious contrast is to choose one shade as your main colour, and a secondary colour to add colour accents. For example, try pairing a light grey tartan suit with the Barker Valiant in blue. In this instance, you can use the blue colour accent alone, or with another complementary colour for accessories.  

Some of our favourite block-coloured dress shoes include the Barker Bailey Derby in the red calf, the Moreschi Nice in dark-navy and the slightly more subdued Steptronic George in bordo. 

Two-tone dress shoe

Two-toned shoes are a bold statement, they fit really well into a vintage aesthetic. They can be suited up or can be worn with your typical casual wear like denim and a jumper, and still retain their timeless charm. Two-toned dress shoes will typically comprise of either two contrasting colours such as blue and red, or two shades of the same colour. 

The same colour theory principles apply with two-toned shoes as they do block-coloured. 

A couple of our favourite two-tone shoes include the Barker McClean in navy hand painted and choc suede, and the Barker Dover in burgundy suede and walnut calf. 

Pattern & Print dress shoes

From tweed to creative panelling, patterns and prints are redefining the role of the dress shoe in menswear. A tweed shoe like the Barker Jackson can add an eccentric flair without having to go ‘full country gentleman.’ 

As more brands venture into the coloured dress shoe arena, it’s a great chance for men to dip their toes into more exciting colours –for any occasion. Just remember to pick colours you feel complement your personality then keep the rest of your outfit relatively pared down, incorporating different fabrics and textures with the coloured dress shoes, instead of an overload of more colour. Check out our full range of dress shoes for more colourful inspiration!