Creating your man cave needs a bit of thought and attention to detail, to make sure it accurately reflects your style and your needs. When guys make the decorating decisions, they tend to gravitate towards strong, solid colours and lots of black (black leather sofa anyone?), however, there are ways to incorporate some style and personality into your bachelor pad decor without it looking too flat.

Colour scheme

For a classic yet still manly colour scheme to your bachelor pad decor, switch the stark white walls for a muted grey. It will immediately add a warmth to your style that is sometimes lacking with a monochromatic colour scheme, and will still feel masculine. Make sure if you are adding a lot of black accessories that you break it up with one statement colour – try a burnt orange, or a bold blue for a fresh colour injection without looking too messy.


Don’t let clutter take over your bachelor pad – you are the king of your man cave, yet you’re probably a slave to the power sockets. If you’re into electronics, you’ll probably have a few dozen cables and power leads trailing over the floor. Check out this cable tidy solution instead for a neat way to manage them. Also, if you’ve got a lot of books, music or movies you want to keep out of the way, modular storage is a great option as you can add to it as you need it.

Soft furnishings

When men are left to their own devices for decorating, they tend to think of the key furniture pieces, but little thought is given to the soft furnishings that really make it a welcoming and comforting space. Having a few cushions, and a pair of curtains will not detract from the overall masculine feel of the room, and will make it a comfortable space to relax and unwind in, whether it’s reading, watching movies or having the guys round for a few drinks.

Wall decorations

Man caves tend to be guilty of adding tacky wall decorations like neon bar signs, or worse posters from movies stuck up with blu-tack. You’re not in university any more – it’s time to upgrade your wall decorations with frames and prints that look a bit more respectable. There’s no stopping you adding prints of your favourite movies if that’s what you’re into, just invest in a couple of frames and hang them properly like a grown up.