Styles change so quickly now; it can be hard to keep up with the countless trends being covered in various magazines and newspapers. One area of gentlemen’s summer clothing never changes too much; and that’s beach wear for men. It’s easy to throw on a pair of flip flops and swimming trunks and call it an outfit, but where’s the fun in that? Today, we’re looking at how to inject some serious style into your summer wardrobe with our take on beach wear for men.

T-shirt wise, it’s best to stick to light colours, or nautical blues and whites. Anything that is too darkly coloured will absorb the heat, which very few of us need at the beach. If you love dark navy and black, go for darker accessories or shorts. Try to stick to lightweight fabrics, too; fabrics such as light linen and cotton are great choices as they allow the skin to breathe and wick moisture away from the body. Anything goes, in terms of t-shirt shapes; polo shirts, V-necks, tank tops are all more than welcome on a beach; just leave restrictive cuffs and collars in your wardrobe at home.

While some men may feel confident strutting down the beach in a pair of speedos, this number is certainly in the minority. Many guys prefer to cover up on their bottom half, whether they are hitting the waves or not. Remember to bring along a spare change of shorts if you do plan on taking a dip; there’s nothing worse than sitting on your towel, hoping that the sun will dry your soaking wet swim shorts. Similarly to the top half, try to keep your fabrics light to prevent overheating – chino shorts or light denim shorts are great after-swimming wear, or perfect for the man who would rather leave out the swimming altogether.

Shoes are an important part of any beach ensemble, even if they spend a lot of the time sitting in the shade. But before you kick your shoes off for a paddle, have a little think about what footwear you are planning on wearing to the beach this summer. Of course, you could always go for the humble flip flop or sandal – but why settle for a pair of shoes that only do one thing? Our handcrafted men’s Loake 528  boat shoes can be handmade to fit your exact measurements, and we guarantee you’ll still be wearing them long after the tide has come in. We can’t promise a feeling as good as barefoot at the beach, but we think we come pretty close.

In terms of accessories, sunglasses are a must. We’ve got our top tips on finding a pair to match your face shape, so you can’t go wrong in that department. Hats are a great addition to any beach outfit – keeping the sun out of your eyes and preventing the dreaded sunburnt nose. Any style of hat can be worn to the beach; as long as it’s worn with confidence, it’s guaranteed to be a hit.