Men’s skincare has transformed the health and beauty industry in recent years. In the past, a simple razor and a bottle of deodorant were probably all that graced the inside of a man’s toiletry bag, but today the UK men’s skincare market is worth over £900 million a year with a mass of moisturisers, balms, styling and body care products now available. Men’s facial hair has also seen a shift, from designer stubble to full blown beards, and with this shift is the inevitable need for beard maintenance products. Here’s everything you need to know about beard maintenance.

The first beard maintenance tip you should know is to keep your beard washed and clean like the rest of your hair. Shampoo it like you would do with your own hair and rinse it thoroughly afterwards to keep it hygienic. You can use conditioner also if you want to soften it, but make sure to rinse it thoroughly.

Trimming your facial hair is often a necessity – having a beard is one thing, but looking like a shipwrecked sailor is another thing entirely. Sideburns are often an area where men neglect, but you should keep these trimmed close to your head so that they blend in with the rest of your hair. Having some stray hairs around your nose and mouth isn’t a good look either, so keep a pair of nail scissors handy to get rid of any stray hairs here.

For an immaculate, finished look for you and your beard you might want to invest in some beard oil – typically a good beard oil will hydrate grizzly beards to soften and tame the hair, and it helps to combat dry and itchy skin. A beard balm will also help control unruly beard hair, and acts similar to a styling gel in that it adds hold and control where it’s needed for longer or thicker beards. Moustache wax is also great for sculpting your ‘tache if you prefer to make it the focus of your look rather than the beard.

For an ideal beard maintenance kit for yourself or as a gift (after all Father’s Day is just around the corner) you can purchase pre-made ones, or tailor your own to make it unique to you. Either way, a beard grooming kit should contain a beard comb, a small pair of scissors, beard oil, moustache wax, soap and a decent razor set for when you absolutely have to shave. If you want to get really adventurous, you can experiment with different scented oils and soaps until you find the perfect combination for you.