Weather depending, dressing for summer is a relatively straightforward affair. You can prepare yourself with some summer basics; a few t-shirts, a linen blazer and some shorts for good measure - so simple. However, when it comes to summer footwear we often have customers asking us what are the best types of shoes to wear with shorts. We hear you loud and clear, as we believe everyone should look their best when baring their legs. Keep reading for our the best types of shoes to wear with shorts.

Boat shoes

Boat shoes are truly a summer staple. We love the new Spring/ Summer 2019 collection from Dubarry, as it features some brilliant boat shoes. Boat shoes come in a range of colours so they work well with patterned shorts. You can opt for either subtle embroideries or bolder prints for a tropical vibe - perfect for a sun-soaked holiday. 

Loafers and driving shoes

Loafers and driving shoes are the epitome of summer style. They can be styled in multiple different ways, but we think they are best worn without socks and classic chinos turn-ups. Driving around can get hot and uncomfortable, so why not try a pair of invisible socks? These work well at keeping feet dry in the summer while still retaining that no sock look. 

Style loafers or driving shoes with pastel chinos or lightweight linen trousers, or, really anything else that takes your fancy. It is summertime, after all, and the living is supposed to be easy.


Sneakers paired with denim is a classic weekend look. A classic style sneaker like the Barker Ethan would look great with a fitted pair of denim shorts that finish just above the knee for a cool summer outfit. For a slightly more polished look, pair white sneakers with dark navy chino shorts. Navy and white is a classic summer combination so it’s a great chance to get nautical. 


Workplaces are becoming more relaxed with business casual dress codes becoming the norm. Smart, tailored shorts that finish just above the knee now have their place in the office during the summer months. You can keep the professional vibe going by pairing tailored shorts with a pair of lace-ups. Black high-shine Oxfords wouldn’t work with shorts, but rubber sole brown-brogues can look great. 

Tips for wearing shoes with shorts

  • When in doubt invisible socks will work with almost any type of shorts and shoe combination.
  • If you prefer to wear socks, then opt for soft pastel shades are good for summer, plus they work with most skin tones. Pull them all the way up and they'll have a bit of a mod or skater feel; bunch them a little to go more nonchalant. 
  • Boat shoes by nature are designed to be kicked on and off, so they are best worn without socks. We would advise lightly dusting your clean and dry feet with talcum if you plan to wear your boat shoes out on the town. You’ll thank us later. 
  • Ankle socks should only be worn with sporty, gym style shorts.

Step out in style this summer

We have boat shoes, loafers, sneakers and lace-up shoes to wear with any shorts this summer, find your perfect pair today.