When it comes to jeans and boots, they are as perfect a combination as gin and tonic, but for some men they still find pulling off this look tricky. There are countless sites dedicated to women’s boots and jeans, and the perfect pair of skinny jeans with the perfect pair of leather boots, but sadly there is a lack of advice for gents on pulling off this key autumn/winter trend. This blog details the best way to wear jeans with boots to make sure you never put a (booted) foot wrong with the four most popular styles of boots:

Chelsea Boots

This very versatile boot with an elastic side panel is bang on trend at the moment, and best of all, it’s the easiest to style as it works for both casual and formal styles. As this boot is a slim fit around the ankle, its best paired with slim fitting jeans for a classic, streamlined look. If you prefer to cut a more striking silhouette, these boots are perfect for wearing with skinny jeans as well, although we would recommend that you stick to dark colours for these jean types. The Barker Eskdale is a classic Chelsea boot that you can’t go wrong with.

Chukka Boots

These suede or leather laced boots lend themselves to more casual settings, so they are perfect for a relaxed weekend look. Pair with jeans (or chinos) with a tight turn up for a timeless, rugged look, or with bootcut jeans for a relaxed fit. It’s perfectly fine to contrast the colour of your jeans with these boots, so don’t try to be to matchy-matchy. If you’re wearing light denim trousers, why not consider these navy suede Anatomic Colorado boots as an interesting visual contrast?

Polished Black Boot

Every man should have a pair of these in the wardrobe – the perfect autumn/winter accessory that can be worn for formal occasions. This black leather boot with laces is a footwear staple for most men and you can’t go wrong with a pair of Loake 209 boots like these. Wear with a suit or a pair of straight leg black jeans or skinny jeans for a smart casual look.

Wing Capped Boots

Turn up or tuck in – those are the rules for jeans when wearing these boots, as with detail like this you’ll want to show them off to everyone. A good quality pair of these boots will last you for years if you look after them, so each season you’ll just need to update your skinny jeans so that you do them justice! A stylish tan leather will work well for most styles as it is very versatile, leaving you looking great.