Continuing our series of Brand Spotlights, today we have Tricker’s, a company that boasts both leather boots and shoes for men with incomparable character. Tricker’s are well known for their comfort, individuality and excellent quality, and we’re going to dive headfirst into the brand’s background to bring you the lowdown on these gorgeous shoes and boots.

Key Facts

  • Founded in 1829 by Joseph Tricker, the brand became the go-to for heavy country boots, perfect for farming and for wear by the landed gentry
  • Walter James Barltrop, son-in-law to Joseph Tricker, made his first boot at the tender age of 7 years old. While it was a basic design, it pointed the way for the waterproof country shoes and boots that are prized by Tricker’s customers today.
  • The new Tricker's factory, located at 56-60 St Michael's Rd, Northampton, opened its doors in 1904, and remains the brand’s base of operations to this day.
  • Today’s Tricker boots are a direct descendant of the boot made by Baltrop at the tender age of 7, and the brand has maintained its impeccable reputation to this day.

Features of the brand

Tricker’s shoes and boots are made on lasts – and they are certainly made to last. Each pair of Tricker’s shoes involves 260 different processes, all carried out by an expert craftsman or woman, who has trained for many years. The distinctive patterns on the shoes are cut by hand in a process called ‘clicking’; a skill that takes many years to master. The shoe or boot is then hand-sewn together and hung to moisturize for a few days, to ensure the leather is soft and supple. The shoes are then taken to the lasting room, and then the welting room for the application of the soles. It’s only then that the shoe is taken to the finishing room. With a process this long, it’s easy to see why Tricker’s have developed their reputation for quality; a well-looked after pair of Tricker’s shoes will last you a lifetime.

Shoes in the range

At Robinsons, we offer a stylish range of Tricker’s leather boots and shoes. All feature the iconic Tricker’s patterns, hand applied by expert craftsmen. We stock the classic Tricker’s boot – the Stow Dainite, which is a firm customer favourite thanks to the traditional punched brogue detailing, a Dainite rubber sole and modern almond-shaped toe – they are the perfect blend of old style meets new.

Our Favourites from Trickers

When shoes are this well made, it’s hard to choose a favourite. We love the Tricker’s Henry, a modern twist on the classic Tricker’s boot style. They’re the perfect addition to any menswear wardrobe for 2017, and the rich tan leather is easily matched with any colour. We also love the Tricker’s Bourton Dainite, a gorgeous heavy brogue derby. These shoes are easily worn with a suit or jeans alike, and help to add a touch of individuality to any outfit.

Is Tricker’s your new favourite footwear brand? We thought so. Order your new shoes today from us and enjoy free worldwide delivery on any purchase of £150 and over.