Spring has arrived, the nights are longer and everything is beginning to get brighter, including your wardrobe. For many men, the chance to leave the dark shades of winter behind is a welcome relief. Adding some brighter colours to your wardrobe can give you a great post-winter lift, but what about your footwear?

If your wardrobe is suddenly more colourful, surely vibrant shoes are a must. Don’t sell your outfit short by missing the chance to match up your lighter shades. The advice for spring 2018 is to be bold, carrying on from the loud block colours which have been at the fore throughout the year so far.

Brown Shoes on denim

Brown shoes can be worn with multiple shades, and a quality leather tan shoe will wear well in spring and summer. For informal settings brown leather shoes can add a degree of class, with or without socks. Dark jeans pair well with lighter browns, the same for khakis or chinos. The Benedict, from Barker, has a crocodile effect overlay on its light brown exterior. There’s no doubt it’s a bold shoe with plenty of character, so try wearing it with rolled up jeans and no socks to accentuate the shape.

Bolder colours

If 2018 is the year of bold, loud colours and daring looks, then the Lennon must be the shoe that best captures that mood. Available in Red/Grey, Blue/Grey and Navy/Grey combinations it makes its own fashion statement and could be the focal point of any outfit. If you choose such dominating footwear, you may have to tone down the rest of your outfit. Again, cuffing your trousers can create a natural colour divide between shoe and trouser, so it may be helpful when pairing strong tones. If you choose to wear socks, opt for neutral colours to soften the contrast.

Classic style

No spring-summer collection would be complete without a classic pair of Dockers, and thankfully Robinson’s are well prepared. As always, Dubarry have the best boating shoe options, from the classic leather Commodore to the simple suede Corsica. Both have interior leather lining, so not only do they look great, but they are comfortable and keep your feet dry. Boating shoes lack the formality of other designs, but they will be welcome at garden parties throughout the seasons ahead. The simplistic design and range of shades also makes them surprisingly diverse, great when you’re already struggling to select a shirt-chino combo.


If you opt to go for bright and dark combos, remember black and white are perfect anchor colours. They will work with most shades and save you from blankly staring into your wardrobe for hours. Try matching top and toe by matching your bright shirt with light shoes and dark trousers in-between. If you opt for black, try a shoe with some extra character or design features, the Lamport is a one such example. The Lamport may look old fashioned at first, but be sure to check out the red and black version.

More style tips

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