Shopping for those who give nothing away.

Your father says he’s fine, your brother ‘isn’t doing Christmas this year’ and your partner? He’s feigning disinterest while secretly filled with intrigue. The season to be tight lipped but not tight fisted is here. Selecting gifts for men can be tough, especially for those who give nothing away. Don’t panic, if like most people you aren’t clairvoyant, we have a guide to help – here is our definitive Christmas gift guide for men.


No, we aren’t recommending that you resort to putting money in a card. A wallet, however, may make for a great gift or extra stocking filler. Robinson’s have added Father’s Fathers wallets to their growing accessories list. The wallets themselves are miniature masterpieces, handmade in Belfast. Lightweight and slim, this wallet fits any pocket. Made using tan or brown leather, Father’s Father wallets are elegant and fashionable. You may want to source a penny for luck. As well as wallets, the Father’s Father collection also includes card holders, key trays and journal covers. One generation will appreciate the brand’s authenticity, another generation will enjoy its look.

How about a belt?

Yes, sticking to accessories, belts can prove a thoughtful and welcomed Christmas gift. Belts can help pull together an outfit, yet some men neglect belts when shopping for themselves. A quality leather belt can be used in various settings - patent, plain or patterned - you decide. If you’re unsure about selecting a belt, try to match a shoe colour they have or go safe with a black leather belt. This year Barker have released a range of hand finished leather belts from their shoe factory. They include modest styles and classics, and they have even catered for the trend followers - check out this unique Paisley offering.


Allow your partner to start the new year in new shoes, or address someone’s flailing footwear fashion sense. Robinson’s Shoes have shoes for the office, the party season and the relaxed family visits. If you’ve noticed a man in your life living in the same work shoes for too long, consider the Antrim by Robinson’s. A modest design on the surface but meticulously crafted by Cheaney’s, the Antrim is a timeless classic. If you want a less formal offering, consider securing your significant other in a winter boot this year. Robinson’s Shoes stock leather winter boots, including the Benjamin Harrison, a whiskey leather boot with a brogue finish.

Last but not least, socks

No Christmas gift guide would be complete without socks. Happy Socks to be exact, as these are not your ordinary multipack black socks. Happy Socks come in multiple designs and patterns, including Paisley. They could add a touch of colour to an outfit or brighten office wear. Check out our Gift Boxes for the best selection of Happy Socks and give them a gift of socks they’ll actually enjoy.