Ok, you knew it was coming – the annual office Christmas party, but that’s no reason to panic. Typically it’s the girls that go to all the effort (the spray tan, the party dress, eyelashes bigger than you thought possible), however there’s no rules against the guys pulling out all the stops and we have no doubt you’ll impress everyone this year after reading this Christmas party style guide.

Is it black tie?

Find out beforehand if you’ll need to invest in, or rent a tuxedo for the evening’s festivities – there’ll be nothing worse than looking out of place when everyone else is dressed to the nines. Men’s occasion wear ranges from suit jackets, waistcoats, trousers, crisp shirts, bow ties and shiny black shoes – so you can have a bit of fun with this style. While we can only advise you in the area of the fashion, we’re more than happy to recommend a pair of black shoes to complete your formal look.

Smart casual

If it’s a non-formal Christmas party but you still want to break the mould from your usual ‘jeans and shirt’ combo that you wear every other Saturday night, you can mix it up with different prints on your shirt, or wear dark grey jeans instead of blue denim to add a little bit more formality to the occasion. Plaid shirts are a great alternative and very festive, and swap the suit jacket for a blazer for a smart look that you can be comfortable in.

Fancy footwear

Christmas parties are a great time to let your hair down and have a boogie – and of course for this you’ll need some fancy new footwear! This is definitely time to ditch the trainers and impress instead with a new pair of derby shoes like the Barker Kurt shoes, or some stylish lace up chukka boots that will take you from pub to dinner effortlessly – these Loake Pimlico boots are perfect for just that!

Jumper advice

The Christmas party style guide for men is very clear when it comes to this - unless you are attending a ‘Christmas jumper theme’ party, do not wear this to your Christmas night out. Festive jumpers are fine for a laugh, but if it’s a semi-fancy affair you don’t want to look like a fashion victim who couldn’t find anything better to wear. The same goes for those light up novelty ties – save these for a secret Santa gift only!