It takes a brave man to inject a dose of colour into his footwear but that’s what we are expecting for A/W15. Nothing says “look at me” on a man than coloured footwear.

Our recent Barker Grant blue shoes have received mixed reports but are a statement-maker nonetheless. You either love them or you hate them – there’s no sitting on the fence. Blue shoes have been in and out of fashion for many years. Think back to the 1950's when Johnny Cash sang the famous "Blue Suede Shoes" song.

Coloured shoes have been in fashion for women for years – like these Barker Alexandra boots. They are a big seller and it is easy to see why. But for men, historically, their footwear have been available in two hues: brown or black (or variations of the colour). Nowadays, it would seem that men are becoming a bit more adventurous and choosing attention-grabbing shoes that show off their personality.

The softer, less garish way to add coloured shoes and boots into your winter wardrobe is to choose less bright tones and opt for rich autumnal colours like burgundy or a burnt orange – a shoe resembling the Barker Weymouth Walnut and Rosewood Calf.

On a textural note, our very own Robinson’s Sutherland brogue boots with a herringbone tweed are ideal for winter when you want to remain sure-footed.

With so many shoe designers choosing to step outside the comfort zone for menswear this season, there’s never been a better time to start dipping your toes in and experimenting with statement styles.

Are you ready to start treading some uncharted territory with some coloured shoes?