We often get customers asking us about our shoe styles, colours and brands that we stock, but the one question we’ve heard time and time again is, ‘What’s the difference between Oxford and Derby shoes?’ These are two very popular shoe styles, and if you’re not quite sure yourself then read on and be educated in the wonderful world of men’s footwear.

Oxfords and Derby shoes are both laced shoes, but the main difference between the two is that the Oxford shoes have a closed lacing section, whereas the Derby shoe has an open lacing section (in other words, they are not sewn closed at the bottom), the eyelet facings are also sewn on the top of the vamp. Derby shoes are also often referred to as a Gibson shoe, and an Oxford shoe is also known as a closed front shoe due to the fact the lacing section is sewn closed.

When it comes to styles and colours of both the Oxford shoe and a Derby shoe, you can find a huge range on our website to suit both formal and smart-casual occasions. They’re available in multiple colours and made using different lasts, so you can find the fit that’s perfect for your feet.

For different styles of Oxford shoes, you can choose between a plain toe cap which is the original style and which is still popular today, however Oxfords can now also be decorated with brogue detailing (known as a semi-brogue) or even come with a wingtip and more detailed punching (known as a full brogue).

In contrast, the Derby shoe with its open lacing section allows for a much more versatile fit as the shoe can be adjusted to be as tight or as loose as the wearer finds comfortable, so it’s a great all-rounder as it feels comfortable no matter what shape your feet are.

Still mulling it over? Why not pop in and see us for a personalised fitting appointment, and you can ask us any burning questions you might still have about our wide range of men’s footwear styles.