Style has no age limit. As you celebrate another birthday, you might question if your wardrobe is a true reflection of your age, and more importantly if what you’re wearing is age appropriate. As you move through different decades, there are certain things that are acceptable to wear, that may not be so appropriate for other age groups. Each generation has its own style advantages that you can use to your benefit, and knowing how to dress for your age will make sure you look impeccable no matter what age you are.

In your twenties

This is the age when you can make and break your own rules. Don’t be afraid to experiment with as many styles as you can afford to find the one that you enjoy wearing the most. In your twenties, the high end designer brands are typically out of reach so you make do with cheaper alternatives that perhaps use less quality materials, less durable finishing and are generally described as being more ‘disposable fashion’. With new trends released every season, you can embrace them with gusto!

In your thirties

Deep V t-shirts might look great on a twenty-something, but they should stay firmly in your twenties. Your thirties is about starting to invest in your grown-up wardrobe. By now you’ll have a good idea of what you like, and what suits you, but you can still pull off the occasional outrageous finishing touches like an unexpected pop of bright colour without looking out of place. Your style will most likely evolve from jeans and trainers to more boardroom-appropriate attire as you start to make strides in your career.  Again, buy the best that you can afford at the time.

In your forties

In your forties, your wardrobe evolves again, this time to include not only statement pieces of clothing but perhaps your signature scent and a decent watch. Clothing might be less fitted than it was in your earlier years (unless you’ve kept up with that gym routine), but what you lose in slim fit you gain in tailoring. With your career well underway and dictating most of the choices in your wardrobe, it’s time to make your accessories work harder so that you don’t lose your own personal style. Watches, ties and shoes will be of utmost importance here.

In your fifties

As you get to your half-century mark, you might find that high street choices are becoming more limited, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on your style. Find brands that you like that suit your shape. Mature men who have mastered their style ooze confidence with their choice of clothing. The important thing is to not try and dress like you did when you were in your thirties – you can still look classic without looking old-fashioned. Polo necks are a timeless choice here, and fitted shirts are a wardrobe staple now. Go for classic colours like blue, white or black and leave the overly patterned or brightly coloured options to the younger generation.

In your sixties

The most common affliction for men in their sixties is that they give up on their style and don’t like to try new things. This ‘getting stuck in your ways’ idea will be the death of your style, unless you consciously make the effort to update your wardrobe. A tweed waistcoat and a heavy wool overcoat will serve both function and fashion needs, and a good tailor who can make flattering adjustments to your suits will be invaluable.