We’re all different shapes and sizes – if we were all the same it would get boring, right? But being slightly taller, slightly shorter, maybe a little bit more around the middle means that sometimes the guys can struggle to fit clothes that really suit their shape. Knowing how to dress for your body shape can take a lot of the guesswork out of finding clothes that not only look good, but look flattering on you.

What shape are you?

Yes, there are many shapes and sizes, but typically when trying to dress for your body shape, you’ll generally be one of the four below. There are styles to suit each so once you’ve identified the closest one to your shape, you’ll be able to identify the most flattering cuts and patterns that suit you.


This is otherwise known as the average build – your top and bottom halves will be in proportion, with a broad chest and shoulders, and narrow waist and hips. Luckily, this is one of the easiest body shapes to dress, so you can take advantage of this and experiment with different colours, patterns and belts. To really make the most of your physique, stick to well cut, tailored clothes and avoid loose and baggy articles of clothing and always try and keep your clothes in proportion.


This shape is similar to a trapezoid, but with more extreme proportions (think more muscle definition, broader shoulders and an even narrower waist). A V-neck sweater will help balance your proportions by drawing the eye down to your middle, and buying slim fit shirts in a size bigger than you normally would wear will help with the fit across your wide shoulders without camouflaging your trim waist. Straight leg jeans will help you balance out your lower half, but avoid skinny fit!


This is one for you trim guys, where your physique appears to go straight up and down. You’ll most likely want to create some definition with your clothes, and there’s a couple of ways you can do it. Layering is your best bet, especially when you add a tailored jacket as this will add definition to your top half very easily. Skinny jeans will also create the illusion of a triangle shape so you can add more structure to your shape. Try and avoid buying baggy clothing as it will emphasise the lack of definition, and avoid sleeveless tops as this just draws more attention to the ‘rectangle’ shape.


This is one for the gents that are a little bit rounder in the stomach area. To balance this out, you will want to lengthen your torso and add some definition by widening the shoulders. Vertical stripes are the oldest trick in the book for making your body look longer, but definitely avoid horizontal stripes. A well fitted jacket will work well here, but make sure it’s the right length as if it gathers at the elbows it will just make you look shorter and a bit uncomfortable! Also try and avoid statement belts or anything that draws the eye to the widest part of your body.

So now you know how to dress for your body shape no matter what category you fall into!