You open your wardrobe and rifle through its contents. There’s a lot of clothes, but nothing you want to wear. You love your clothes, but just wish you could stand out from the crowd a little bit. It’s tempting to want to fade into the crowd and blend in, but life’s too short to look the same as everyone else! We’re here with some tips on how to dress differently from everyone else, and really embrace your own personal style.

Know what works for you and your shape

It’s important to know your own body and your own limitations. If you don’t like your arms, or are self-conscious about your height, simply know what works for your body shape. Take a look at what designers and style gurus are saying online and in magazines, and experiment with shapes, cuts and fabrics until you find what works for you. Don’t be afraid to ask an honest friend or family member what suits you and go from there. It can take some time to develop your own personal style, but that’s the beauty of it – your personal style is always changing! Embrace these changes and step out with confidence.

Introduce the new you bit by bit

It can be nerve-wracking to undertake a total style overhaul. So, if you want to change your style, it’s okay to do this gradually by introducing new elements into your wardrobe. If you love colours and patterns, try incorporating this in small amounts at first – a patterned tie, scarf or even a bright pair of socks can add a splash of personality to any outfit.

Know your brands

Certain brands deliver on certain things, and a solid knowledge of your favourite brands can help to develop your own personal style. For example, at Robinson’s Shoes we focus on handcrafted, bespoke and beautiful footwear, with a focus on using high quality materials. This suits a wide range of people, but when you look at our specific collections, such as the Robinson's Professional Collection you can see we are well suited to a smart, stylish business look, or a funky, edgy aesthetic when paired with casual clothing. Knowing your brands and collections means that you can return to brands when you know that their style and craftsmanship suits your particular style.

Confidence is key

It may sound like a cheesy, age-old adage, but confidence is the key to pulling off any look whatsoever. If you want to be an individual, and present your own unique style to the world, carry it with confidence and it will look great on you. Nothing sells an outfit as well as a winning, confident personality.

We’re confident that whatever your style, we have a pair of shoes for you. We’re famed for comfort, style and quality; which absolutely everyone can benefit from. From cutting-edge fashion, to professional traditions, to quirky colours and shapes, we have something for everyone.