Autumn styling for men can be a tricky terrain to navigate. You need to get a balance of warm layers for the chill, waterproof layers for the inevitable rain, look professional at work, and somehow not overheat or look like you’re wearing too many pieces of clothing to be comfortable. There’s definitely a knack to it, but if you haven’t discovered this for yourself yet, here’s our top tips on easy layering looks for men to help you get started.

Start light, and get heavier as you work the layers outwards

By this, we mean have the thin breathable fabrics next to your skin, like t-shirts, or thin shirts, and then build these outwards with a knitted cardigan or jumper, and finally a heavy coat. You can then remove layers as you warm up indoors.

Invest in quality pieces for every layer

Because the whole point of layering is that you can remove layers as you get warmer, you need to make sure every layer looks good. Take your time and shop for quality pieces that you would be happy to show off instead of hide away under a jumper or a coat.

Layering colours and patterns

This can be tricky as it’s not hard to look messy, but at the same time you don’t want all your layers to be the same colour – how boring! The trick is to use complementary colours and to wear a neutral layer in between them to tone it down and bring the whole look together. When it comes to patterns the more complex patterns should be on the top layer of clothing, so on your jumper or coat if you’re wearing one.

Layering for work

Your suit, shirt and tie combo might work for general everyday wear to the office but when it’s cold you will need to add additional layers. Opt for a slim fit jacket that you can still comfortably wear a jumper underneath, and a tailored pea coat that complements your build and prevents you from looking too bulky.

Adding accessories

Most of the layering happens around your middle, but there’s still plenty of opportunity to accessorise your look when you’re wearing several layers. Belts are always a good idea, and not only a practical addition but they serve to create a visual line separating your top half layers from the bottom layer of clothing. If you have kept your colours pretty neutral, why not add a brightly coloured belt like this red calf leather Barker belt? Alternatively, keep your style sophisticated and timeless with a classic tan leather option. Scarves are essential when the weather is chilly, as are hats, and as both of these layers can be quickly removed when you go indoors you don’t have to worry about looking too bundled up.