Packing your case for summer holidays - you either love it or hate it. It can fill you with excitement for the upcoming holiday, or fill you with dread as the inevitable crush ensues to get the case closed. But don’t fear; we’re here to offer you up some summer holiday packing hacks we think you’ll find really useful, and make sure you stay cool, calm and collected for your travels.

Suitcase folding technique

When packing your suitcase, don’t fold; roll! This helps to save a lot of space, meaning that more can be squeezed in, and any creases can always be ironed out on arrival – although many roll-up devotees say that rolling your clothes minimises creasing! However, if rolling isn’t feasible, pack your items of clothing in a laundry bag and fold as normal – this will help to minimise the creasing and make sure the item is ready to go on arrival. Save space where you can and pack your socks and underwear inside your shoes. These are best either rolled or neatly folded up – sometimes the little things can take up the most room if improperly packed. Place your belt rolled up inside the collar of a stiff collared shirt. This saves packing space for the belt and helps to keep the shirts collar neat and tidy no matter how long the trip.

Shoes in suitcases

Shoes can be cumbersome to travel with, but they aren’t a problem if packed correctly. We advise packing any shoes wrapped in a shower cap or cloth bag – it may sound silly, but this prevents any dirty soles from touching your clean clothes, and ensures any expensive shoes are left scuff free. Pop smaller items like socks, watches and rings etc. in your shoes to save space.

Travelling with your tech

Traveling with technology has become a huge part of our lives, and this can be irritating when trying to control the many wires and chargers that come with every electrical item. Try packing these leads away in an old glasses case or other container – this can be a huge space saver and prevents the dreaded tangle of wires. If technology and toiletries are travelling in the same bag, make sure that both are well waterproofed – even a small wrapping of cling film can prevent a tech malfunction.

Travel toiletries

To prevent leakages in your toiletries, make sure you pack them well, using waterproof plastic bags. If your shampoo or body wash is prone to leaking, remove the lid and place some cling film over the top of the bottle, before replacing the lid again. This adds another layer of protection and prevents any annoying leaks. Remember, if you’re only travelling with hand luggage, airports have certain restrictions on liquids, so make sure to check with your airline and pack accordingly – it saves you time at security and ensures all your toiletries make it through.

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