Spring has finally sprung. The clocks went forward, the days are longer and evenings brighter and we are thankfully seeing some signs of good weather drawing near. With summer approaching it’s time to ditch the boring old black socks and opt for some bold colour on your feet. 2018 has been said to be the year of bold colours, so surely this counts for your socks too?

Socks don’t get enough credit for what they do for us. Not only can they help provide a bit of extra comfort in our shoes, but they can absorb some of the pressure that builds up in our feet and ankles which can reduce soreness. On top of that, they can also prevent some nasty foot conditions. It’s obvious that socks are beneficial for our feet, so we suggest investing in a pair that will make heads turn.

Happy Socks are a luxury sock brand from Stockholm and here at Robinson’s Shoes we take great pride in stocking them. This season they’ve created a collection with more colour and abstract patterns than ever before. From banana prints to leafy jungle patterns, Happy Socks have got statement socks down to a T.

Why wear bold and bright socks?
If you’re looking to make a statement then Happy Socks have you covered. Bold and bright socks have become increasingly popular to wear with a smart casual outfit. They can instantly make you look like you’ve made more effort than you did with your chosen attire. They can turn a plain outfit into something a bit more exciting and colourful.

How to wear crazy socks
Although crazy socks speak for themselves, there are a few do’s and don’ts that we want to tell you about:

  • We suggest you let the socks do the talking, often one item of crazy clothing is enough and too many patterns can just make you look a bit bizarre.
  • We are strong advocates of “out there” socks, but if you’re looking to keep things a bit more sophisticated, you should keep a similar colour scheme with your shoes and socks but have a contrasting pattern. For example the with the in Navy/Blue cut suede. Keeping it navy but still bold and bright.
  • You can’t be shy and wear crazy socks- be confident in wearing them. Embrace it!

When to wear crazy socks
As much as we love crazy socks there’s a time and place:

  • Bright and bold patterned socks should not be worn at funerals, black tie events, formal business meetings or formal job interviews.
  • We embrace wearing colourful, bright socks where you can - weddings, smart casual events and at informal business events

We think that bold socks are a must for spring/summer 2018. From summer weddings to business casual events, bright, patterned socks will make an effortless statement; it’s a win win really. Why not shop for yours now on our and follow us on facebook and twitter for more information on our ss18 collections.