The world’s fashion market is growing, and growing with it is the wide selection of clothing we now have available. What was once just ‘a pair of shoes’ has become a myriad of different styles, purposes and prices. Shorts are no different; with warmer temperatures predicted for us this summer, we’re here to talk you through some of the basic styles of men’s shorts; what they are and how to style them. Sit back and let us be your guide to shorts this summer.

The first dilemma: above or below the knee? It’s really a matter of personal preference; both look great provided the style and fit of the short are excellent. However, this season has seen a real rejuvenated interest in shorter men’s shorts, in a vast array of colours – so why not be brave and bare your legs in a part of above the knee shorts this summer?

Denim shorts, sometimes called jean shorts, are as much of a style staple as the jeans they come from. Easily styled, versatile and comfortable; what’s not to love? Lighter coloured denim shorts are great for summer day wear; the same goes for distressed denim shorts; pair these with canvas shoes or espadrilles for a laid back and casual summer look. Darker denim shorts can be great for evening wear – simply pair them with a nice shirt and a pair of loafers, and you have a perfect smart-casual evening outfit, ideal for those long summer nights.

Chino shorts are the multitasker of the shorts world; there is very little that doesn’t match a well-fitted pair of chino shorts. A tan pair of chino shorts are timeless; but don’t feel obliged to stick to just one colour. Navy, pale blue, white, mustard and olive green chino shorts have all made appearances in men’s fashion this year. Chino shorts are incredibly versatile: they can be worn day or night, casually or more formally. The possibilities are endless. They also look great paired with loafers, but a classic combination that never fails to impress remains to be chino shorts and boat shoes.

Men’s cargo shorts are an excellent choice for a laid back, casual summer outfit. They’re lightweight and versatile, and a great choice for the active man. The average pair of cargo shorts has more pockets, so they’re great for those who enjoy a bit of exploration, either city or countryside. Their casual nature means they can be paired with a polo shirt and a pair of canvas shoes or trainers. They’re also great for the beach, worn with a pair of sandals or flip flops and a tank top.

Whatever the shorts you choose this summer, make sure they’re a good fit. One of the most important factors in putting together a great outfit is tailoring; making sure your clothes fit well makes the world of a difference, and will ensure that you’ll look great this summer, whatever style of shorts you pick.