It has long been a given for any fashionista female to match her shoes to her handbag, but what about the modern man? For you men out there - having a belt to match your shoes in your winter wardrobe is a must, but how you wear it is equally as important; you don’t want to be looking like you tried hard and you need to strike the balance between wearable and clown-like.   

To say your belt matching your shoes is trending for men is a bit like saying the Pope is a Catholic: it most certainly isn’t a new style statement, in fact, over the past four or five years it has come to set the foundation of the modern wardrobe but it is one that you don’t notice too much and one that’s rarely spoken about. Only the trendiest and stylish of men take advantage of this best-kept, not-so secret.

What’s great about the belt and shoe combo is it can be perfect for whatever occasion – be it work, rest or play. Half the battle in carrying this look off is knowing exactly what to buy and how to style it.

If you’re looking to break out of the tan shoe brigade, then check out these Barker Cedar Calf Truman Shoes. Timeless and versatile, these brogue shoes, featuring punched detail throughout, instantly adds interest to any outfit and works across everything from casual to smart. Picture yourself with these shoes on looking very savvy. Now throw on the matching Barker Cedar Calf Belt. Bingo! Looking good. This look will catch eyes but won’t raise eyebrows and isn't that what every man wants.

It’s no secret that good shoes are vital if you are wanting to make a good impression. Well, this season, team your shoes with a matching belt because A/W15 is all about making a statement. Step out in style.