Are you a gentleman of genuine style? Being naturally stylish seems to come effortlessly to a few lucky people who seem to have an inherent gift for knowing what to wear. The key to any style is of course to have confidence in what you’re wearing, however there are a few habits of stylish men you can consider to give yourself a bit of a boost in the style rankings.

The first thing to consider is the shopping habits of stylish men. Yes, they may browse frequently, but they purchase little and that’s because they know their money is best spent by investing in classic pieces with quality materials and fabrics. Every purchase becomes a considered one – what will this bring to my wardrobe? There’s nothing wrong with keeping up with trends but beware the fad – it’s much better to play it safe with classic pieces than be a fashion victim.

Finding a reliable, talented tailor who you can turn to when you need a suit altered is key, as much as finding a well cut suit is. How could you not exude total confidence when you’re wearing an immaculate suit that feels made for you?

They say shoes make the man, and indeed they are one of the first things people notice about you. We don’t have to tell you the importance of a quality pair of shoes, and neither does a stylish gent. Whether you’re a brogues or Oxfords man, investing in a good pair of shoes will never be a bad decision.

If you see a particular stylish individual wearing an outfit that looks very well-considered, it probably has been! Taking the time to plan an outfit the night before makes for effortless style in the morning when you’re likely to be distracted by other things and in the interest of convenience you’ll pick something familiar. This is great habit to get into.

Style is subjective, and what works for you may not work for others, so get to grips with your build, your colouring and your body hang-ups to really know yourself and know what works for you. There’s nothing stylish about being a clone, so it’s important to add little quirks to reflect your unique style, whether that’s a pair of coloured socks, a pocket square or a favourite watch. Stylish men have their own taste and they cater to it.

Finally, style isn’t just about the clothes. It’s important to keep on top of your personal grooming with trimmed facial hair, and a hair cut from a barber. This instantly reflects to the world that you have taken time over your appearance and is one of the best kept secrets of stylish men.

So there you have it! Stylish men take pleasure in these habits, and pretty soon you might find you actually enjoy the process of getting dressed up.