Your best leather brogues are in soggy mess following a downpour. How do you dry wet shoes to make sure you don't end up with 'tide' marks up the sides?

Rain and leather shoes don't go. So what do you do? Especially with Irish weather we often have customers calling in to ask how to fix their shoes and restore them to their former, pre-rainwater, glory.

Step 1. Take the shoes off as soon as possible after their rain drenching.

Step 2. Stuff the shoes with newspaper. This helps to immediately start absorbing the dampness from the leather  from the inside out, which is usually the area to hold onto the damp.

Step 3. Once dry store them with a shoe tree to help them to retain their shape.

Step 4. Polish your shoes with a shoe cream or polish to restore the suppleness back into the leather.


Rookie Mistake When Drying Wet Shoes

The one rookie mistake that lots of people make is drying out their leather shoes in front of fires, on radiators or hot pipes- of even with hair dryers! Any form of artificial heat source on leather will lead to the leather drying out and cracking or splitting so always ensure that you allow your shoes to dry at room temperature.

And if you didn't know- you should never wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row! Even moisture from your own feet should be allowed time to evaporate naturally- so ensure that you have two pairs of quality leather shoes- not one!