We all know that for women, perfume is important. Most women will have a signature scent, or even have a day time perfume and a heavier evening one. For men, picking the right cologne is just as important. In fact, many people claim to find a gorgeous-smelling gent irresistible, so it’s pretty important to make the right choice. Here are some simple tips to help you pick a cologne that’s right for you.

There are lots of factors to consider before you even start trying different colognes or aftershaves on. All men’s fragrances are made up of base notes, medium notes and top notes. These different levels will combine to produce different scents, and depending on your personal preferences you’ll be able to identify some similarities in what you like which will make picking your new scent easier.

For example, top notes are what you smell first when you spray aftershave on your skin, but this scent only lasts for the first two hours. The medium notes develop after the initial scent of the top note clears, so this makes up the heart of the cologne. These two notes are typically made up of different combinations of florals and spices, like citrus, jasmine, cinnamon or clove. The final layer is the base note which can last up to 10 hours after being sprayed on your skin, and include scents like sandalwood, tobacco and musk. These spicy scents get stronger on your skin as you wear them, so it’s important not to overdo it.

When you know the categories of fragrances that you are naturally more inclined to pick, it helps eliminate other choices to make your task of picking a new cologne easier. So, if you prefer fresher, cleaner smells you’ll be more inclined to pick something with more citrus notes in it, or alternatively if you want a manlier leathery-kind of smell you’ll favour the spicy, cinnamon musk notes.

When you go to pick a cologne, it’s important not to rush the purchase. Take a sample, and spray it on your skin – it will work with the individual scent of your skin and smell totally different than if you just spritz it into the air in front of you. You’ll also want to see how it differs as the day wears on. If you want to test out a couple of different options, use your wrists and the crooks of your elbows and spray a different aftershave into each one before making your decision.

A lot of men decide that wearing aftershave or cologne isn’t for them, but with smell being our most powerful sense it can really go a long way in helping to leave a lasting impression about you. A scent can trigger a powerful memory about someone, so wouldn’t you rather that it be a good smell, rather than an unpleasant one?