How do you tie your laces? Do you tend to pull your laces very tight before tying?

Over the years, I have noticed that when putting their shoes on many men pull their laces extremely tightly before tying. On every occasion I found that these men were wearing shoes much too long for them, in order to get the required width fitting...they are effectively tying the shoes onto their feet!

Many places that sell footwear will have insufficient width fittings available to carry out a proper fitting, consequently, if a shoe is too tight when tried on, it will be immediately replaced by a longer shoe, even though the original shoe had been the perfect length!

This leads to a customer ending up with shoes that may not cause any discomfort in width or depth, but are much too long.

Why Shoe Sizing Is Important

In our fitting room we estimate that 95% of new customers are wearing footwear which are too long (anything from a half size to three and a half sizes!!) which can ultimately result in health issues with the feet.

This is often apparent from the outset, when a customer's answer to the question "What size of shoes do you normally wear?" goes along the lines of..."It depends on the shoe. Sometimes I am 8,but can be 8 1/2 or 9 or even 9 1/2!".

I wish I had £1 for every time I have heard this type of reply!!

How Do You Ensure Shoes Fit Correctly?

In order to fit properly shoes must be correct in width, depth AND length, otherwise problems very quickly occur eg.poorly fitted orthotics, excessive creasing in the shoe, hard skin on the heels etc. The question 'How to tie laces' can therefore be answered quite simply- firmly but not tightly- tying laces tightly tells us that your shoes don't fit!

If you want to achieve the perfect fit, please feel free to contact our fitting department to see how you measure up!