Are you planning a summer holiday any time soon? For most of us heading away, a hastily packed suitcase with a few shirts and shorts thrown in will be all the thought we give to packing, however when you arrive and your clothes are in a rumpled mess you’ll wish you had spent some time learning how to pack your suitcase perfectly. Take the stress out of travel this year and arrive with one impeccably packed suitcase. Everything you need to know for clothes in wrinkle-free condition is right here.

Savvy-travellers know that the key to successful packing is to roll your clothes – this way you maximise space available in your suitcase with minimal wrinkling of clothes. This is especially important if you’re planning to take shirts on holiday, instead of just t-shirts (because no one really minds a few wrinkles in their t-shirts do they?) If you’re planning to take linen shirts on holiday to somewhere with warmer climates, be prepared for wrinkles no matter what, as this fabric is notorious for creasing easily.

Fold your shirts using this handy guide, so that they go into your suitcase in pristine condition, and come out ready to wear. If you’ve been wondering how to pack your suitcase so that you can fit all your shorts and shoes into it as well, then fear not! Lay your trousers or shorts flat on the bottom, and tuck your shoes around the outside leaving space in the middle for the rolled shirts and t-shirts. Remember it’s better to err on the side of caution – pack a top for each evening and one spare in case you spill a glass of wine on yourself while enjoying the view on the balcony before heading out to dinner.

As a leading footwear company, we couldn’t really suggest that you go a holiday with just one pair of flip flops, so pack at least three pairs to see you through every scenario – beach, exploring and dressed for dinner. Comfy yet casual is often the name of the game when relaxing on holiday, so you can’t go wrong with a pair of Barker Adrian moccasin style shoes with woven detailing, or these stylish Loake 528 boat shoes with funky white soles, which are comfortable enough to wear all day and night.

If you’re planning on bringing a hat, don’t risk crumpling it beyond all recognition in your suitcase – wear it out and wear it home. If you need a little extra help with packing, this visual guide is brilliant for explaining in easy steps how to pack your suitcase perfectly, and still manage to take a sizeable amount with you. If you don’t need to take as many clothes, then more room for souvenirs to bring home!

Bon voyage!