New suede shoes are a thing of beauty, but unfortunately if left untreated and worn in the rain (basically your average autumn day in the UK and Ireland), they won’t stay beautiful for long. When you invest in quality handmade men’s shoes you want them to last for as long as possible, so follow our tips on how to keep your suede shoes protected and enjoy stepping out in style to complements on your footwear.


Invest in a suede protector spray 

This handy spray will coat your shoes in a super fine mist that doesn’t alter the colour of your suede shoes, but that definitely helps to protect them from dirt and water. Apply before you wear your shoes outside and let it dry completely, and remember to top it up at regular intervals to keep the protection effective. You need to pay particular attention to the toe area and the creases along the side, and if your shoes or boots have laces you’ll need to remove these before you start so that you can properly apply a coat of the spray all over your shoe.


Check the weather 

As much as you might have your heart set on wearing your new suede boots if you know that the forecast has predicted torrential rain, this is not the day to step out in anything other than sturdy leather boots that can withstand the elements. One of the most appealing qualities of suede shoes is the texture of the material, but when this gets wet it can flatten the suede and can also discolour the shoes with white patches.


Buy a shoe cleaning kit 

Every pair of your shoes needs to be cleaned to preserve and prolong their life, and suede is no exception, although it does require certain tools to clean properly. One of these is a suede cleaning brush with stiff bristles (the shorter the suede, the harder the brush can be without doing damage). You should use the brush to carefully clean off any dirt or debris and try and treat stains as soon as you spot them so they don’t have time to set. Always remember to reapply your protector spray afterwards.


Give your shoes a rest every other day 

While the exterior might be suede, the inside lining of your shoe will be leather and this means that it will need time to breathe. Your shoes need to air out to let the moisture evaporate, and to help them retain their shape, so even though your new suede boots might be the most comfortable shoes ever, you still need to give them a rest every other day.