We all love to get a bargain when we go shopping, but when it comes to certain items in our wardrobes we aren’t so willing to risk it. The contents of our wardrobes are an extension of our identity, and they reflect our personalities and for most of us we invest significant portions of time and money into them. For that reason, there are key pieces in your wardrobe you should never skimp, and instead you should invest wisely so that you get as much use and enjoyment from wearing them as possible.


Buying a cheap suit is a major no-no. Whether it’s to wear to a wedding or to wear to work, these are occasions where there is an air of formality, and you don’t want to ruin that by appearing in an ill-fitting suit made from cheap materials. Signs of a cheap suit are that it rustles when you wear it, it doesn’t fit right at the shoulders or when it’s buttoned, and the material is shiny looking at the places where it wears most quickly. If you want a good suit, you need to be prepared to pay for it, and most likely to have it professionally altered after you’ve purchased it so that it fits you perfectly.


If you plan on wearing your coat every day you can afford to invest that little bit more in it to make sure it’s exactly what you want. For first impressions in the winter, your coat and shoes will have to speak volumes as no one will be able to tell what state your clothes are in underneath the top layer, so make sure it conveys that you are a man of great style.


They say a man is judged by his shoes so never scrimp on your footwear. No matter the occasion, we have the footwear for you – plain Oxfords, stylish brogues, casual boots, or comfy loafers. This season, your boots will take the brunt of the weather, so invest in an excellent pair of stylish leather ones to keep your feet warm and dry without sacrificing style points.


Sure, you might think that no one will notice but why take the chance? Whether you plan to show it off to someone or not, having good underwear will make you feel like a million dollars, so you should never skimp on it. Men are notoriously bad at hanging on to underwear that has seen better days, so today is the day you should throw away those old pairs and buy yourself some trendy new trunks.