This season treat yourself or someone you know to some key wardrobe essentials that show you care about good style. There are some items in your wardrobe that it’s ok to buy cheap – like t-shirts that will be worn multiple times and therefore shrink in the wash and need to be replaced, but there are other items where you should really invest in. Here are the 6 key wardrobe pieces you should splurge on and why.


Your coat will likely be your most frequently used item of clothing this winter, so it pays to
invest wisely in a cut, colour and fabric that suits you and its purpose. Choose a dark colour that will go with your suit colour as well as jeans so that you can get as much practical wear out of it as possible. If you don’t want it to date too quickly, stay away from fad-style designs and stick with classic cuts, patterns and colours.


A man’s watch says a lot about his personality, and you will most likely wear a watch that has some sort of personal significance, so this is an item that you’ll never want to cheapen with cheap imitations or inferior replicas.


If your watch doesn’t tell a person everything about you, your shoes soon will. People say they can “tell a man by his shoes” so don’t allow yours to let you down. Scuffed, dirty and ill-fitting shoes are an absolute no-no, so invest instead a classic pair of leather brogues like the Barker Toddington or a timeless pair of black Oxfords like the Loake Sharp.


Many people don’t consider their belt when it comes to investing in accessories, but a cheap belt can quickly ruin the whole look of an outfit. If you’re trying to impress in the boardroom or need a stylish yet casual look for a night out, a smart leather belt will work wonders on your overall style. Take a look at some of the belts we have on offer from brands like Barker and Rollerston.


No matter who is going to see it, you should also spend wisely when it comes to underwear and replace regularly. There’s no hard and fast rule here about the style you choose, just make sure you find something comfortable and that fits you properly.


Invest sensibly when it comes to suits, tailoring and fitted shirts. If you wear a suit daily then you’ll be more likely to spend more acquiring a stylish collection of work appropriate attire, but if you just need a suit for the occasional wedding, you’ll probably get more value from spending wisely on a tailored shirt and good quality tie to make an impact than won’t dent your wallet.