At Robinson’s Shoes, we are fascinated by everything to do with your feet, so it should come as no surprise to hear that we love the practice of reflexology and the many benefits it can bring. According to Chinese medicine, every part of the body is connected to one of the pressure points on the feet, and knowing which points to access can help you to cure or relieve symptoms of everything from stress to headaches and even insomnia. Knowing which zones of your foot to apply pressure to can help you to provide relief from some of these discomforts, so read on to find out more about the pressure points in your feet and common ailments you can treat.

Using reflexology to help with insomnia

Massaging certain points of your hands and feet could really help you to fall asleep faster and enjoy a better night’s rest, and it just comes down to knowing which points to apply pressure to. The edges of your big toes are where you can find the pineal glands, and these secrete melatonin which helps to moderate your sleep cycle. The band of skin where your toes meet your foot can be rubbed to release tension in the neck and shoulders, to help you relax into a decent night’s slumber. Check out this handy visual guide for an easy way to DIY.

Using reflexology to help with headaches

The pain and inconvenience of headaches and migraines has often led sufferers to seek out alternative treatments to help cope with this debilitating condition, and here reflexology has really proved itself to be useful. Applying pressure to certain points of the feet is thought to help your Qi, or life force energy, flow more smoothly to your head. This article has some great tips and visual aids to help you achieve some natural relief.

Using reflexology to help with stress

Stress and anxiety are often side effects of our busy lifestyles, so it’s nice to find a natural remedy to help alleviate some of these symptoms. In reflexology practice, the ball of the foot is often associated with emotions such as fear and anger which is why you should focus on this area when attempting to reduce your stress. There are other parts of the body that acupuncture will focus on to help you relieve symptoms of stress – find out more about these body parts here.

Other benefits of reflexology

In addition to helping treat the above common complaints, reflexology can also be used to improve circulation, give your immune system a boost, help to tackle fertility problems, eliminate toxins from the body and help you recover more quickly after an injury or a surgical procedure. Find a practitioner near you to start reaping the benefits of this amazing practice, or why not give it a go yourself from the comfort of your own home with some simple online tutorials?