Summer time can be really uncomfortable for people who over-heat easily, or if you’re heading away to climate where the temperatures soar even in the evening. In situations like this, finding something to wear that doesn’t make you feel like you’re being boiled alive can be a real struggle, so that’s why linen is your best friend this summer when it comes to dressing for the heat. Here are some of the wonderful ways to wear linen this summer to keep your cool.

Linen shirts

Linen fabric is typically a ‘stiff’ feeling material, and for this reason, it tends to have a defined structure, so it doesn’t sit right next to your skin. This small gap allows air to flow around your skin, which is why it can help keep you feeling more comfortable when the weather gets hotter. Linen shirts are available in all sizes and colours, but stick with light colours for reflecting the heat and you’ll not go wrong.

Linen jackets

Linen is also an excellent fabric as it has the ability to absorb moisture from your body, so when you need to dress up a bit but can’t bear the thought of a heavy jacket on your person, a linen jacket will definitely fit the bill. Choose a well-made linen suit jacket for an outdoor summer wedding or even a beach wedding to look confident without feeling uncomfortable.

Linen shorts

Trousers in extreme heat are no one’s first choice, so if you’re heading abroad this summer, make sure you pack a few pairs of linen shorts. Luckily, these are made in several different lengths, so you can find the style that suits your shape and height best. These are an easy way to add some style to your summer wardrobe, so why stop at just one pair?

How to pick good quality linen clothes

The best way to pick good quality linen clothes is to give them a feel! The more expensive, quality linen will feel fine, but if it feels rough or stiff it’s likely to be made from shorter fibres and might not be as comfortable next to your skin. There can also be small knots in the thread, but the best (and most expensive linens) will be free from these.

How to care for linen

The best way to clean linen is with a lukewarm hand wash, or a gentle worn once cycle in your washing machine – something delicate and gentle is best for this fabric. Try not to treat with harsh chemicals and iron excessively – it’s meant to be a relaxed and slightly rumpled look. If there are lots of wrinkles after washing, you can iron whilst damp and allow to dry hanging up.