Loake Shoes at Robinson's Shoes

At Robinson's Shoes we have been proud to stock Loake Shoes for over 14 years, the superb craftsmanship in their products optimise the standard that we demand.  Over the past 14 years the Loake Badminton, Loake 200 and Loake Burford have proved to be extremely popular,  our customers truly appreciate the expertise required in crafting a pair footwear to this calibre.

A Little about Loake's

The Loake family have been producing fine, handmade men's footwear for over 134 years.  It began in 1880 when three brothers founded the establishment in Northamptonshire.  The aim was to provide the most handsome, comfortable and durable gentlemen's shoes possible. Five generations and more than 125 years later, they remain just as passionate about the quality and craftsmanship that makes Loake shoes among the best in the world.

Loake Shoe's Production


Customer Opinion's

I recently bought a pair of Loake Buckingham from Robinson's who were very helpful with sizing. Shoes have just arrived and I'm very happy about them. No doubt I'll be buying more from Robinson's in the future. - Justin - New Zealand

Received my new Loake 747 today and they fit perfectly.   Well sorted web-shop with a wide selection of classic footwear.  The delivery was quick without any problems.  By the way, thank you for the little present ! - Thomas - Austria

Ordered a pair of Loake 200 last week, they arrived recently and I am delighted with my purchase, a truly stunning shoe that is worth every penny! - Michael - UK