When it comes to fancy footwear, we’re here to make sure you never put a step wrong, so that’s why we’ve pulled together this post on matching trousers and shoes like a pro, so that you can be confident your look is immaculate. Whether you’re matching dress trousers, chinos or shorts we’ll have the answer when it comes to pairing them with stylish, well-fitting shoes.

Tuxedo trousers

When you’re go fancy, you go fancy. A tuxedo is the epitome of stylish dressing, so of course you’ll need a pair of shoes of the same calibre to complete your look. For this, you can’t go wrong with classic black leather Oxfords. For a cut above the rest in ultra-formal dress, we would point you towards the extremely elegant and luxurious Barker Mozart. These shoes are designed and handmade using whole cut high-quality leather, with subtle punched detailing on the toe and a hidden stitched sole for a totally comfortable wear.

Suit trousers

Dressing formally for work every day can quickly become a chore when you reach for the same suit trousers, jacket and laced shoes every day, so to vary your style you need a couple of different suits and shoes, all of which complement your style of course. If you prefer a timeless grey or charcoal-coloured suit, we would recommend that you stick to a classic black shoe like the Barker Newcastle, or to mix up your patterns a bit these two-toned Barker Felix which would definitely be an investment in your footwear collection. If you prefer navy suits, tan shoes are a great alternative to black – what do you think of these Barker Lucas Oxfords? With their navy lined suede cut out they’re certainly going to set you apart from the crowd.


Casual trousers allow you to be a little bit more flexible when it comes to your footwear, and especially for the summer when chinos become acceptable for the office too. Pair your chinos with Barker Horatio boat shoes with tassels for a relaxed summer vibe, or these slip on Barker Adrian loafers with the distinctive weave pattern apron for a subtle yet stylish design twist.


Comfy shoes are a must for jeans, so we would recommend brogues or trainers as the ideal accompaniment for your style, for smart-casual and casual settings. Our famous Andrew Jackson brogues are a great match for dark denim, or these new Barker Miami trainers are comfortable, casual and oh-so-stylish. When it comes to colour, you can be as adventurous as you like – timeless tan, classic black or even a pop of colour, from these burgundy and walnut Barker Dover Oxford brogues.


Denim or chino shorts are a must for holidays and hot weather, and when it comes to stylish footwear boat shoes, trainers and sandals or flip flops are all appropriate (except flip flops unless you are at home or at the beach). Pair your shorts with these Dubarry Yacht cross between boat shoes and trainers, which are lightweight, breathable and comfortable to wear all day.