When it comes to fashion, it is no secret just how obsessed most ladies are with shoes. Men and women have always been interested in fashion but men buying shoes historically tended to be out of necessity rather than desire. That is up until recent years. Perhaps it's the emotional effect men get when buying a shiny new pair of shoes, or that incredible feeling stepping out in new shoes but whatever the reason, men are becoming increasingly obsessed in finding their perfect solemate.

Unlike women – who impulse buy, men tend to take a more considered approach to buying footwear. It is an investment for them – after all they don’t have to own hundreds of pairs to be stylish. They just need a handful that will work for different occasions, so choosing wisely is important.  For men, the shoes they wear says a lot about their taste in fashion, their attention to detail, their status and their personality. Men in brogues for example look smart and appreciate quality and heritage.

What’s the perfect combination in men’s shoes?

Considering footwear is a wardrobe staple, having black shoes and brown shoes in your collection is a must have.

Picking shoes that are versatile is also important – footwear that looks stylish with a suit and jeans; shoes like loafers you can dress up or down easily. A pair of loafers will add style and character to an outfit— teamed with a suit they look smart and when worn with jeans you’ll carry off the casual look.

Whilst having shoes that can be dressed up or down is good, ensuring your shoes are streamlined and blend in with the rest of your attire is important - especially your belt. Matching your belt with shoes has been a rising trend over the past few years and this autumn/winter it's what all the trend setters will be seen in. Nothing says style and class like matching footwear and belt. And whilst we are on the subject of clothing, we can’t forget to mention socks.  There is no forgiving a man who wears white socks. Unless you are on the tennis court, white socks are a no-go. Socks are the opportunity for a man to really express himself and let his personality shine through. If you are outgoing and eccentric you can go wild with your sock choice – colours, prints, odd socks even but if you are more reserved your socks should blend in with the colour of your clothes, not your footwear.

Take care of your shoes and they'll last you a lifetime.

If you invest in quality shoes like the shoes at Robinson’s Shoes then invest in shoetrees. They'll keep the shape of your shoes, absorb any sweat or moisture and the odours and will help prevent creases from developing. Investing in shoetrees in a no-brainer if you want your shoes to last decades.