Are you a fan of men's bags? Perhaps you’ve yet to take the plunge? If you are still mulling it over, never fear you are not alone. We’ll give you a brief overview of the 3 best types of men's bags available that won’t dent your masculinity, and then let you decide if it’s the accessory for you.

The Briefcase

The original 'man bag', regularly used by lawyers to carry briefs to present to a court, hence the name, and typically made from brown or black leather. This type of bag is synonymous with men of business the world over, and is the perfect flashy accessory to complement your professional demeanour, your smart suit and your polished shoes. If however, you think this is a little bit too ostentatious for your style, why not switch it over for the more casual messenger bag, which is a bag with a strap so you can throw it over your shoulder. Great for carrying laptops, your wallet, your keys (or, just your lunch!) it’s also available in a range of styles and colours, so there’s a lot more flexibility with this style compared to a briefcase.

The Holdall

A weekend bag or a holdall is one classy step up the ladder of luggage from a duffle bag and one we’re sure you won’t have a problem investing in. It’s big enough to hold all your stuff, yet easily transportable (fits in the boot of your car or as hand luggage on a flight). It’s really win win, and there are some smart looking styles available, like this Blakeney Black Weekend Bag, with its oiled pebble grain leather and black twill lining.

The Backpack

Thankfully, these have had an upgrade in the style stakes since your school yard days, and are a trendy alternative to your messenger bag. Not only will they hold all your stuff and keep your hands free, they’re a better choice if you have any back complaints as they help to equally distribute the load across your shoulders, instead of focusing it on one side. This classic kit has had an update in the form of this Highland Harris Tweed Large Rucksack, available in green check Harris tweed and vintage tan leather trim.

So there you have it – men's bags are practical, available in lots of options to suit you, very stylish and look a lot better than stuffing your pockets with everything you need. The only thing that we can see that might put you off is people calling them stupid names, like a ‘murse’.