When you work in an office than demands professional looking business attire Monday to Thursday, it can be nice to have the opportunity to relax a bit and dress more casually on Friday. However, you hear a lot of horror stories about what some people consider to be appropriate attire for the office, so to make sure you don’t put a foot wrong, here’s our idea of what men should wear on casual Friday.

You can swap your suit trousers for some slim cut jeans or chinos, which have the benefit of a more casual feel without losing your professionalism entirely (after all, Friday is still a work day, it’s not a lazy Sunday spent at the pub). Leave the baggy or ripped jeans at home, they can be worn at weekends with friends instead of co-workers.

Your suit jacket can be replaced with a V-neck sweater or a blazer, but try to avoid hoodies and denim here unless your office’s relaxed dress policy is very relaxed. If in doubt, go slightly smarter than you think you should and then the worst your co-workers can say about you is that you have great style!

T shirts and polo shirts are fine for the summer months, just try to stick to plain colours or subtle patterns – no one wants to read your slogan t shirt for how much you love beer, or be subjected to the deep v t shirt that you wear on Saturday nights out on the town.

Shoes are an easier option to work with, as they are a pretty versatile piece in your wardrobe. When wearing jeans or chinos, loafers are a smart casual option and these Loake Siena shoes would look great, or if you’re commuting through the winter slush, a pair of boots like the Loake Wolf fur lined boots will ensure you have your best foot forward without sacrificing your style.

Offices are not the place for your gym trainers, or any trainers in fact, unless the policy is very relaxed in which case smart casual trainers are to be worn with a blazer added or a casual shirt and loosened tie to keep a semi-professional appearance throughout the day. You can always remove the tie easily later if you head out for after work drinks on a Friday to celebrate the start of the weekend.

There are a few items that you should 100% avoid wearing in the office at all times if you are to retain any semblance of professionalism at work. These items include flip flops, shorts, muscle tees, tracksuit bottoms or low slung jeans.

Gentlemen, go forth and conquer casual Friday!