For many guys, the subject of men’s jewellery is a bit of a Marmite topic – you either love it or you hate it. With so many options for men to adorn themselves, it can be a minefield trying to find the pieces that represent you, without looking over the top, or worse completely overdoing it. For some men, they won’t leave the house without a watch, or have never taken their wedding ring off, and for others they don’t own a single piece. Is this because they’re afraid of making one of the dreaded men’s jewellery mistakes? The rules for this are simple, and we’ve highlighted the biggest pitfalls you’re likely to fall into so you can avoid them.

Clashing metals

Don’t try to incorporate too many metals to your look – you’re betting sticking with one common theme throughout, otherwise the end result can look really messy and unco-ordinated. So, if your ring is silver stick with a silver watch, or silver cufflinks on your shirt. If your cufflinks are stainless steel, your tie pin should be too. See? It’s an easy rule to follow.

Wearing a watch with a face too big for your wrist

This is a pretty big faux pas, and one that unfortunately you see it all the time. Some people seem to think bigger is better, no matter what it is, and if you think this about your watch face you’ll likely be making this mistake. A large watch face on a slim wrist will automatically make your wrists seem puny, so the solution here is to find a good balance. There are some lovely vintage watches available that are smaller than their more modern counterparts which are worth considering if you’re having problems finding one that fits.

Visible piercings to formal occasions

That lip ring or eyebrow piercing that you love so much might be standing in your way when it comes to job interviews or other formal occasions where traditional jewellery is favoured. There’s no reason you can’t express your individuality at any casual setting but for some places, including offices where there is a strict dress code, it’s best to keep these to a minimum.

Too much at once

Less is more when it comes to men’s jewellery, and if you want to avoid clanking as you walk you’ll stick to a few key pieces or combinations. For example, on a weekend there’s nothing wrong with showing off a leather bracelet, a necklace and a few piercings. For your nine to five however, it’s recommended that you switch these out for a watch, ring, cufflinks and a tie pin, leaving the rest at home. Wrists especially are easy to get carried away with but you should limit yourself to one watch and bracelet or two bracelets only to avoid looking like you overdid it.

Cheap materials

Wasting money on cheap stuff is one of the cardinal men’s jewellery mistakes. Consider jewellery purchases like you would any other part of your wardrobe – an investment. Take your time to pick a watch that you love, that you’ll have for years and that’s the right size for you. Simple rings are best if you choose to wear them, but try to limit to one per hand. Copper or leather cuffs and bracelets don’t have to cost a fortune, so don’t be tempted by cheap sub-standard alternatives.