At Robinson’s Shoes, we’ve been making and selling handmade luxury footwear for over 60 years, so we know a thing or two about how men’s shoes should fit so that they feel like an extension of your own foot. Here’s a few tips and advice from us on how it should feel, so you know when you’ve found your dream pair of shoes.

  • One in three men are wearing the wrong size shoe, so take the guesswork out of finding your perfect fit and let the professionals help you out. Our free personalised fitting service is the ideal way to find the right size and width of shoe for your feet, and get the best fit possible.
  • When trying on new men’s shoes, wear socks of the same thickness that you’re likely to wear with these particular shoes. Also, remember that most of us have one foot slightly larger than the other, so try on shoes based on your larger foot for optimum comfort.
  • When you try on new shoes, there should be a half inch space between your longest toe and the edge of the shoe – this allows the vital room needed to your foot to stretch and flex when you stand or walk. If your shoes are too tight, it crushes your toes and leads to foot pain and even deformity over a prolonged period of time. If you can fit your finger into the back of the heel then this should be perfect.
  • Handmade men’s shoes from Barker and Loake are made on a last – this defines the shape of the shoe, especially around the toe area so it’s important that you find a shape that feet your feet comfortably. Shoes will not tend to stretch or change shape much with wear, so if they’re not comfortable from the outset then don’t expect them to change much as you wear them.
  • Don’t expect to wear the same size across every brand, or for the rest of your life either! Different manufacturers will work to different sizing standards, so it’s always best to try them on before you buy, and remember to get your feet measured once every few years to see subtle changes that will really make a difference to how men’s shoes should fit.
  • Your shoes are too big if they are slipping too much when you walk naturally. There should be a little give in them, but so much that you would notice. If they are slipping, go down a half size and see if they feel more comfortable. If these are too tight, try the larger size with an insole to see if it helps. If this is still uncomfortable, forget them! Life is too short to wear shoes that cause you pain.