‘Skinny’ styles have now been at the forefront of fashion for a few years, and their popularity shows no sign of abating. The world of men’s style has been taken over by ‘skinny’ jeans, ‘skinny’ shirts and slim fit suits; but this is fantastic news for the tall and thin men among us. While some may avoid the ‘skinny’ labels on clothes, they are often perfect fits for tall and thin men, who can sometime struggle to find well-fitting clothes among the masses of high street stores. Here is our men's style guide for the tall, slim man, who just wants a nice wardrobe.

The changing rooms are unavoidable. When you are tall and slim, it’s important to realise that the fitting rooms are essential to your shopping experience. While it’s easy to return items, it’s much better to walk out of shop happy with your purchases. Make sure to take all potential clothes for a test run; don’t assume that the trousers or sleeves will be long enough. As is often the case with the high street, anyone slightly outside of average measurements can find it tough to find clothes that are perfect for them.

Sometimes, the high street will fail. There are times when the high street simply will not have the one thing you’re looking for. The perfect suit may be a bit too long in the sleeves, or the perfect jeans may be too long in the leg. However, don’t despair. Don’t be afraid to get your clothes edited and tailored to fit your needs. An extra pound or two is worth the perfect fitting suit, and it can be hard to beat a suit or trousers that have been perfectly tailored to your needs. We’ve got the perfect range of men’s footwear to accompany any style you pick; sometimes, nothing but bespoke will do.

Don’t shy away from skinny fits. Often, slim fit suits and trousers are the perfect fit for tall, thin men. While it may seem like more fabric will make you look bigger, in reality, this excess fabric will simply hang off your body and make you seem more slender than you really are. A well-fitting suit is a powerful weapon, and we guarantee that you’ll find more suitable suits within the slim fitting section.

Layering is great if done well. A jumper over a shirt, a gilet over a jumper…while it may seem obvious, layering is an excellent way to bring your body into proportion and add some bulk. A jumper, shirt, a long coat and boots are an excellent combination for the tall, thin man; a longer coat balances your proportions, making sure that your legs don’t look too long, boots help to balance the proportions of your feet, and a few layers on your top half help to widen your shoulders and ensure a smart, proportionate look. Even more casual options, such as a cardigan or a scarf, can help to add extra layers.