Do your feet hurt? Foot complaints are a common malady, with symptoms and causes reaching far and wide. This blog post deals with one of the more common types however – suffering from a lack of arch support. Do you suffer from this condition? How do you know? And more importantly, what can you do about it? Here are some of the most common questions we’ve been asked about it, and our answers, to help you on your way to happier feet.

What is your foot arch?

Your foot arch runs the entire length of your foot, and is what contributes to its contoured shape –it’s the curved underpart of your foot that’s prone to tickles! Your foot arches are essential for helping you balance, absorb shocks and stresses when walking or running and generally help to stabilize your body. Most people will have normal arches, however high arches and flat arches (also known as flatfoot) can be painful and uncomfortable without the proper care and support.

High arches   

High arches, or a high instep as it’s also known is generally the cause of a medical condition, and it puts a lot of extra pressure on the ball and heel of the foot which can be very painful, as well as causing some instability when standing or walking. Treatment can take the form of orthotic inserts in your shoes, which provide additional support and comforting cushioning to relieve some of the pressure. It is also possible to modify shoes to have additional ankle support and wider bottoms to help with stability.

Low arches

Having flat feet or fallen arches are caused when your foot tendons do not pull together properly, and create little to no curve on the underneath of your foot. With low or fallen arches, you can suffer from painful feet, swollen feel and pain when moving. Treating low arches with footwear will normally involve adding more stability to your shoes, with wedges, or supportive insoles or posts.

Finding shoes that fit well

We think wearing shoes should be a pleasurable experience, so finding a pair that fits you perfectly is crucial. That’s why we offer a specialised fitting service to find your exact fit and make sure that when you step out in your new brogues or loafers that you’ll feel fantastic.