Every man should have a versatile wardrobe, and a quality mix of casual and formal clothes that he can call upon in an emergency. Lately, we’ve seen a lot of attention being given to tailored trousers, which had us intrigued. The more we read about these, the more we’re certain that every man needs a pair in his wardrobe.

Tailored trousers are not simply a pair of suit trousers (although we strongly recommend that every gent has a decent suit hanging up in his wardrobe too). These trousers should have a distinctly different style to your suit trousers, whether that’s in terms of colour, material, pattern or texture. They can be worn in formal and casual settings, and all year round, which makes them extremely versatile.

In terms of length, you don’t have to be limited by the standard suit trouser length you’re so used to – feel free to mix this up with ankle-height a perfectly acceptable length for the summer months, and longer lengths for the winter when you want to avoid that breezy feeling. You can then pair with your favourite footwear – smart trainers or boat shoes in the summer and stylish laced ankle boots when the weather gets a bit nippy.

For textures and materials, you can try brushed cotton, linen or tweed for a different take on the trouser materials you’re used to (aka jeans or chinos). Try on a couple of different pairs before you find the ones that make you feel great.

In terms of colours, seasonality will most likely influence your choice here. Traditionally lighter colours are worn in the hotter months for their cooling properties, so here stone, tobacco, greys and blues would all be appropriate choices. In the autumn and winter, switch to rich maroons, dark greens, deep burgundy and navy for an effortlessly stylish alternative.

In terms of matching your top half to your tailored trousers, anything goes – you can pair with a plain t shirt, a long sleeved shirt, a blazer, a jacket or a long pea coat in the colder months. Just take care that your colours, patterns and textures don’t clash too much to make the overall look appear messy and uncoordinated.

So, for a handy list of reasons why we think you should invest in at least one pair of tailored trousers, read on:

- Suitable for smart casual events
- Totally versatile in terms of colour, pattern, texture, material and length
- Seasonal options available
- Give you a well-defined silhouette
- Allows you to experiment with your style
- Can be worn with boots, trainers or shoes so you can match them with anything