Unless you work in an office with a strict dress code, or one where you have to wear a specific uniform, navigating the field of ‘office appropriate’ workwear can be a little confusing, and that’s before you even start to think about ‘dress down Friday’ and all that it entails. For one less headache during your working day, here are a few office wear trends for men that will help you get ready in the morning.


Whether or not you need to wear a suit every day, it pays to have at least one in your wardrobe that you can rely on for big meetings, interviews and impressing in the boardroom. Stick with navy or grey for a versatile addition to your workwear, and you can always wear the trousers separately without the jacket for a day to day look that doesn’t need to be too formal.

Tailored trousers

A pair of tailored trousers, in a subtle pattern or colour is fast becoming the hot new trend for office wear for gents, as they are smart enough to be worn to work, yet not the traditional ‘stuffy’ feel of suit trousers. They can be paired with a smart shirt and tie if needed, or a shirt and jacket for a less formal, yet still professional look.

Collared shirts

Smart shirts are an absolute must when it comes to office wear trends for men, and you should invest in a couple of staple colours and styles – crisp white, cool blue and a patterned option are all acceptable. Of course, you should have more than three options, but these will be the staples to build the rest of your wardrobe around.

Wool jumpers

When a shirt and trousers combo is enough to keep you respectable during the day at the office, you can also add a thin woollen jumper when the weather turns cold to keep your attire practical yet professional. We recommend strong dark colours for this – navy, black, grey or deep red are all perfectly acceptable options.

Smart shoes

Footwear isn’t an area you can scrimp on when it comes to looking smart at work – a pair of scuffed or dirty loafers are not going to work in your favour. Instead, invest in a decent pair of Oxfords like these Barker Nevis or a pair of polished ankle boots like the Loake 209 for when the weather turns nasty and the morning commute is all the more unpleasant.