When the task at hand includes packing, you can expect to approach it with an awful lot of reluctance. When the task at hand is packing for a business trip? Reluctance would be an understatement. It can be a sartorial nightmare to get it right when packing for a business trip but follow our guide along with a few packing hacks and you’ll be a pro in no time - in more ways than one.

First things first; nailing the travel outfit.

Chances are that you’ll need at least one suit while you're away. Being bulky and prone to creasing we recommend wearing your suit blazer while travelling. Heading straight to the airport from the office? Perfect. Save yourself some luggage space and wear the suit you wore to work as your travel outfit.

Easily dressed down with a pair of jeans or chinos, we recommend Chelsea boots as your footwear of choice to tie the whole outfit together.

This leads us to the importance of a capsule wardrobe.

Each item of clothing should be interchangeable to keep overpacking to a minimum. Chances are at least one evening will be filled with the task of entertaining clients. While a more relaxed environment than your business meetings, it’s still important to look smart. This is where your footwear steps in to save the day.

Chelsea boots are somewhere in between the overdressed dress shoe and the underdressed trainers. A timeless classic and a happy medium for evenings of mixing business with pleasure without having to sacrifice style.

What happens when you wake up feeling worse for wear after one too many martinis after wooing clients the night before? Enter the no fuss footwear heroes - loafers.

No fuss footwear should be top of your list when it comes to packing for a business trip. Easy to slide on and off, they’re the perfect time saver. Admittedly they may feel a little like leaving the house in your slippers but they get bonus points for being both comfortable and on trend. Similarly to Chelsea boots, loafers are easily dressed up or down. To keep things looking smart and professional, stick to tailoring. Pair with casual chinos and you’re a fashion forward gent. You can’t go far wrong with loafers on your side.

Thanks to the compact nature of loafers, you’ve got just enough room for one more pair of shoes. Now it’s time to get down to business with your dress shoes - the obvious option but not for a second to be mistake for boring.

By packing yourself an additional pair of shoes you give yourself more flexibility, ensuring that when it comes to dress code you’re covered for both business meetings and more casual aspects of the trip. Ensure that the extra shoes, while they should be a different colour to others, go with each suit you’ve packed, affording the luxury of wearing them interchangeably.

Now that you know what to pack, it’s on to how to pack it all.

  1. Unpack immediately upon arrival. The longer clothes stay folded in a suitcase, the more creases will set in and the worse they will look when taken out to be worn.
  1. If you’re stuck for last minute ironing, hang your suit on the back of the bathroom door while having a hot shower. The steam from the shower will relax the fabric therefore getting rid of creases.
  1. Ditch the colours. When in doubt stick with black. It matches everything and works just as well when worn casually as it does professionally.
  1. Pack your shoes first. As the bulkiest and least flexible item you’re packing, it’s easiest to pack shoes on the bottom and then layer the rest of your belongings on top.
  1. Save extra room by placing smaller items such as socks, ties or underwear into your shoes. This saves room and prevents your shoes from being pushed down into your case and damage their shape.