Gents, it’s time to suit up and take your shirt and tie combo to the next level. Are you wearing the same thing every day to work and getting a bit bored by it? Let’s mix up your wardrobe with new shirt and tie combinations that are both eye-catching and stylish for a style refresh without spending a fortune. Here are the three elements you need to be aware of when pairing the perfect shirt and tie combo:

  1. Colours

The first thing to pay attention to is the colours of your shirts and ties. Do you own a lot of white shirts? Is blue more your colour? A lot of people play it safe when it comes to picking the right combination of shirts and ties and stick with plain coloured shirts and block coloured ties in blue, navy, dark red or black. There is a whole world of colour out there though and you need to experiment to find shades that match you skin tone and the suits that you own. You don’t have to stick with the rule book when it comes to matching colours – be adventurous and use this guide to establish contrasting colour combinations you might not have considered before.

  1. Patterns

To play it safe you’ll most likely either pair a plain coloured shirt with a plain coloured tie, a plain coloured shirt with a patterned tie, or a patterned shirt with a plain tie. If so, you are limiting yourself to a range of possible shirt and tie combos to express your style. It’s perfectly fine to pair contrasting patterns together for an eye-catching look that won’t look over the top – just check out this example of stripes and spots for some inspiration. The rule to remember here so that the end result isn’t messy is to pair patterns that aren’t the same size – make sure one pattern is more noticeably bigger than the other, whether that’s on the shirt or the tie. If you want to contrast stripes, make sure they’re going in different directions to make the distinction clearer.

  1. Fabrics

Cotton, silk, linen, wool – all these fabrics are popular choices when it comes to men’s ties, and if you mix these with the fabric of your suit then it makes for an interesting way to change your style subtly. Cotton and linen are great for the summer season, whereas wool is very much a winter fabric. Silk is a versatile choice and can be paired with most fabrics any time of the year, and you can get these in so many colours – see our point above on colours!