It’s definitely out with the old woollen jumpers and in with the fresh summer clothes as the seasons move forwards towards glorious summer. It’s time to bid farewell to that heavy overcoat, those fleece-lined boots and those thermal t-shirts and instead embrace new season styles and colours. You don’t have to break the bank to look good this season, so here’s how to perfect your summer style with just a few key items.

Aviator sunglasses

An absolute-must for any sneaky rays of sunshine that make their way through the clouds. Aviator sunglasses have the benefit of suiting most face shapes, and you can find the ideal tint to suit your skin tone too – gold frame sunglasses suit a warmer skin tone, whereas silver frames suit cooler tones. Aviator sunglasses have been around for decades, so investing in a pair now if you don’t already own at least one isn’t something you’re likely to regret.

Boat shoes (with no socks please!)

Sweaty feet are an absolute no-no in the summer, but when flip flops are way too casual, you need to slip your feet into a pair of summer-ready shoes just like these. This funky white sole brings these boat shoes firmly into the 21st century and they are comfortable enough to wear all day – win win!


Linens are perfect summer-wear, whether you’re opting for a pair of casual linen trousers, a crisp linen shirt or committing entirely with a pale-coloured linen suit. This fabric is very versatile and lightweight, however be prepared for wrinkles as this is the main characteristic with this material. Pair a new linen shirt with chinos or shorts for an effortless way to perfect your summer style.

Slim fit chinos

Jeans can see you through all weather and of course you can still wear them in the summer, however chinos are a great casual alternative as they are light, stylish, complement boat shoes well and are available in a multitude of colours. The best thing about summer style is the array of colours it brings out, so why not be bold and go for a colour you wouldn’t normally? Forest green was a big colour for men this season on the catwalk, as well as grey – a pale grey pair teemed with a fresh white linen shirt and your aviator sunglasses are all you need to look like a style icon this season.

Summer scents

This one technically isn’t a part of your wardrobe, but should be a part of your style routine. Many men find that the summer is a great time to try out a new scent, and to keep it fitting with the rest of your wardrobe, it should be filled with clean fresh tones, and not a heavy aftershave.